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Item specifics
  • OSD Language: English
  • Material Type: High Quanlity Plastic
  • Type: Visible
  • Model Name: BSM/SAS Functions
  • Talk Range: 3M*8M
  • Operating Voltage: 10V-16V
  • Max Working Current: 250mA
  • Work Temp: -30~70
  • Detection Rang: 4m-6m
Product Description
The ADT Side Assist system is a technology designed to help drivers to change lanes safely. 
Two Millimeter-wave radars, one on either side of the car, are mounted in the rear bumper.At speeds above 30km/h, these radars monitor the traffic in a zone which extends from around 70m behind the car to a point just ahead of the driver, and includes the so-called ‘blind-spot’. 
However, The Side Assist does more than simply check for vehicles in this blind-spot. By measuring the distance and speed of vehicles approaching from behind, the ADT Side Assist is able to calculate whether or not a change of lane would be hazardous. 
If there is no apparent intention by the driver to change lane, a light situated in the door mirror on the relevant side of the car is illuminated. The light provides information to the driver that there is a potential threat.
If the driver uses the direction indicator to signal that he intends to change lane, the warning light flashes more intensely, signifying to the driver that the manoeuvre he is about to make is potentially dangerous. 
The system works when the car is overtaking as well as when it is being overtaken, to ensure that the car can be safely returned to its lane.
BSM/SAS Functions
- 24GHz mircrowave sensing technology
- Detection range 3mx8m for vehicle/motorcycle in adjacent lane
- Visual warning via LED indicator or laser
- LED indicator can be individual or built in A pillar/side mirror
- Audible warning when turn signal is on
- Only warn when other vehicle is approaching to avoid false alarm
- With CAN interface, only work above certain speed, e.g., 20Kmh
- Work under adverse weather conditions
- Supplied side mirror with OEM quality
- Tailor-made sensor mounting brackets for different cars
- No change on vehicle appearance
- Door-opening Collision warning function optional
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BLIS Instruction & Installation Guide:
BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) is designed with latest microwave technology to warn driver of other vehicle or motorcycle approaching in the next lane, which is possibly in blind spot from side mirror. 
System is activated automatically when vehicle speed is more than 20Km/h, LED indicator turns on if sensor detects another vehicle or motorcycle in the next lane coming closer. If you switch on turn signal at the same side when object is detected, LED indicator will flash, and you will also hear 3 beeps. If you switch on emergency button (both sides turn signals turn on), LED indicator will not flash. When vehicle speed is lower than 20Km/h, system will stop work.
Working Voltage: 10V-16V
Max Working Current: 250mA
Work Temp: -30°C - 70°C
Detection Rang: 4m-6m
Parts & Wiring
System is composed of 2 microwave sensors, 1 control box, 2 LED Indicators and 1 buzzer. Wiring diagram is as follows,
Control box
1. Sensors
Install sensors at two rear corners of car behind plastic bumper, keep arrow mark “→“ on top cover pointed outside and horizontal (parallel to the ground), and form 50 degree angle to car body (front and back direction). The front cover of sensor should be vertical to the ground. See following steps,
I. Find a suitable location for sensor stand, keep two sensor-fixing screw holes in stand up and down, adjusting stand angle, make sure flat panel is vertical to the ground, and form 50 degree angle to car body (front and back direction).     
II. Put AB glue on stand base around 3M sticker, then peal off 3M sticker cover, put stand base on selected location. Also put AB glue into stand rotation parts to stop rotation.
III. After stand is fixed tightly (about 8 min), screw sensor onto stand with arrow mark “→“ on top cover pointed outside, and arrow mark “↑↑” on side of sensor upright.
Note:  Make sure no metal object in front of sensor, and any metal parts around sensor such as cable, lamp housing, etc., should not be movable. Fix those movable parts around sensor to avoid moving during vibration.
2.Control Box
Put control box in a convenient location in driver’s compartment.
3.LED Indicators
Stick LED indicators inside close to side mirrors, on a place where driver can see easily.
Hide buzzer inside where it is hearable.
(1)Red power cable to ACC+, Black cable to Ground, Yellow cable to left turn+, 
   White cable to right turn+. 
(2)Connect cables to control box, matching colors and pin numbers
a. Stationary state, Opening ACC, or turn on vehicle.
b. After 3 seconds, walk towards vehicle around 6 to 8m from back and side, LED indicator will turn on, the installation is correct, otherwise, it is wrong.
c. After stationary testing, the side indictor will be lighted up if have vehicles around 6 to 8m, when you open turn signal light at this time, indicator will be lighted up and buzzer will be warning.


a. Control box: 1pc

b. Microwave camera: 2pcs

c. Special rearview mirror & indicator: 2 sets

d. Special stand: 2pcs

e. Buzzer: 1pc

f. Cables for camera & indicator: 1pc

g. Power: 1pc

i. Instruction manual: 1pc

Screw, bolt, stand, nylon line ect….

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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: Set
  • Package Weight: 2.1kg (4.63lb.)
  • Package Size: 6cm x 26cm x 32cm (2.36in x 10.24in x 12.60in)
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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: Set
  • Package Weight: 2.1kg (4.63lb.)
  • Package Size: 6cm x 26cm x 32cm (2.36in x 10.24in x 12.60in)
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